Facts and Stats of World’s largest data centers

Storage Servers

For all those who are eager to know about some facts and stats of the largest data centers in the world, here is some informative analysis.

Google Data Center- Google has around 13 data centers all through out the world. And by 2014, three such facilities are going to add to this list. As per the recent estimate conducted by Microsoft, Google has around 900,000 servers in all its data centers based in world. It is official now that Microsoft leads this table with 100,000 server count. Google’s data centers use around 260 million watts of power which accounts to 0.01% of global energy. This power is enough to consistently power 200,000 homes.

Facebook Data Center- Facebook, a leading social networking website with around 1 billion users has its own server farms, designed and built by its engineers as per the norms of its open compute project. In the year…

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