Abuja’s biggest barbeque carnival holds July 4th – hosted by Glamour lounge and Blind Shotz

What is the Abuja BBQ Carnival?
• The Abuja bbq carnival is a one day exhibition of exquisite grill spots, eateries etc within the FCT scheduled to hold at Tobix gardens opposite Alibert furniture beside Next cash and carry superstores on the 4th of July 2015. It is a carnival of standard which is designed and planned to be an essential platform for sales of grills, edibles and exclusive drinks.
bbq abj
More about the Carnival
• The ABC event is designed to stimulate the sense with contemporary grill spots, eateries, etc displaying their creative meals, innovative menus and availability for sale in Abuja.
• The ABC will capture the essence of grilling, roasting or frying edibles and show offs of all kind of mouth watering dishes / grills.

• It’s a major shift from the regular outdoor event in Abuja.

Who is meant to be at the Bbq Carnival
• The Abuja bbq carnival is going to be an Ultimate sales driven showcase for all A-LIST GRILL SPOTS in Abuja.
• Global brands and sponsors will be present at the event.
• Telecommunication service providers will be present at the event.
Scope of the BBQ Carnival
• The main scope of the exhibition is to display and drive sales as much as possible to over 400 guests at the venue.
• Gathering of Leading names in food sales, grilling and the drinks industry.
• Bringing passionate fans and purchasers of grills, food and drinks to one venue.

Companies and Organisations that will exhibit at the ABC 2015
• Grill Vendors (meat, fish, sausages, gizzard, turkey, chicken, goat, ram, seafoods, etc)
• Hamburger vendors.
• Hot dog vendors.
• Ice cream vendors
• Cotton candy / Smoothie vendors
• Popcorn Vendors
• Pizza vendors.
• Drink vendors (alcohol and non- alcohol).
• Telecommunication companies.
• Hotels.
• Taxi companies.
• Photography / Video graphic companies.
• Tattoo vendors. Etc
How many exhibition / sale stands are available for participants?
There are only 30 stands available for grill owners to book as an exhibitor at the bbq carnival.
Are there rooms for sponsorship of this event?
There are viable prospects and benefits for sponsorship, the bbq carnival has openings for sponsors, collaborators and partners where there are key outlooks for prospective initiatives to harness-trade, investments, financial resources and potentials in the grilling and food sphere.
Where and how can exhibition space be booked or Reserved?
All booking or reservations for BBQ carnival for the ABC 2015 would be made via any of the following:
• Call the Project Director Mr Kola.O 08035147491
• Send email to alt_solutions11@hotmail.com


July 4th 2015
Tobix gardens opposite Alibert Furnitures beside Next Cash & Carry

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For event info Pls visit:

#GetYourPass@👉👉3jsHotel,Glamour Lounge,Silverbird Cinemas,09ers clubhouse,Abokishisha,Shona100%Ankara 911mall Maitama,



080-351-474-91, 080-616-300-49


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