Crack the vested interest, Blair tells Buhari

Former British prime minister, Tony Blair, has urged the incoming administration of Muhammadu Buhari to spare no effort in “cracking the vested interest” in the country‎. Represented by Peter Mandelson, a British Labour politician, Blair, who was speaking in Abuja on Wednesday at the‎ All Progressives Congress’ (APC) two-day policy dialogue on the implementation of the agenda for change, implored the incoming government not to get entangled in the schemes of “vested interest”, but do all it can to crack it.
Blair argued that the people could easily see through a government that was held captive by vested interest, hence the need for the Buhari government to take tough decisions in breaking the vested interest in different sectors of the country.
The former British prime minister also applauded Nigeria for its conduct of largely peaceful‎ elections. “There were many people in the international community who doubted Nigeria,” he said. “Some believed that the elections would divide Nigeria and make her weaker, but you have proved them wrong.” Blair also advised the incoming APC government to be true to its word and keep its promises to Nigerians.
He said his Labour party in Britain‎ had kept the trust of the British people for 30 years, but lost control of the government in 2010 because it lost direction. “You will get more goodwill and authority to do difficult things at the beginning of your term than at the end,” he said. “Take advantage of the goodwill that comes with being elected and take difficult decisions.” Blair advised against the discrimination of some sections of the country who did not vote for‎ APC in the presidential election.
“You need to show the people who did not vote for you that you care about their interests,” he said. He further urged the incoming government to remain focused in the face distractions. “Don’t get distracted; your job is to make sure things don’t turn out as usual,” he said.
“Don’t keep compromising. Your job is to keep on track. And with a good dose of luck, you will get the verdict you need four years after.” APC said its dialogue on the implementation of the agenda for change‎ is to allow for further public scrutiny of its manifesto and proposed strategies for achieving its plans, and also to harmonise the promises it made during the campaign trail and put them under appropriate sector as well as generate more practical ideas on how to shape a government that truly reflects the aspirations of Nigerians.

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