50 Killed in Another Bloody Communal Clash in Benue

666-Nigeria-Police-Logo.jpg - 666-Nigeria-Police-Logo.jpg(THISDAY) A communal clash between Ologba and Egba communities of Agatu over a fish ponds has claimed the lives of 50 people in Benue State.

According to a source, the villagers had been fighting over a fish pond and the renewed crisis was a result of suspicion by the Egba community that the Ologba people had organised the recent deadly Fulani invasion against them where 82 people were killed in March.

The State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hycinth Dagala, said police sources had claimed that 23 dead bodies have been confirmed while further update is being awaited.

Villagers said 50 deaths occurred in Ologba as  fighting continued. According to the People Democratic Party (PDP) Deputy Governorship Candidate John Ngbede who hails from the area, the communities in dispute had long-standing issues.

Ngbede said many people were injured following the crisis which started on Friday evening adding that they are now refugees in Ogbagaji, the headquarters of the Agatu LGA. However, the Police has said that calm has returned to the area.

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