Xenophobic Attack: FG Begins Evacuation Of Nigerians From South Africa Monday

xenophobicAs the Xenophobic attack on foreigners including Nigerians continues unabated in South Africa,the Nigerian High Commission in Pretoria has stated that evacuation of Nigerians in the hostile country will begin on Monday, 20th April.

The development is a fall out of the xenophobic attacks being meted out by South Africans against other African nationals in their country, including Nigerians.
Leadership  learnt from a press statement emanating from the office of the Commission in Pretoria to that effect.
The statement said that  Nigerians who feel endangered, and do not have the fare back home to quickly make themselves available for evacuation.
The statement read in parts: “as from Monday 20th of April 2015, the process of evacuating Nigerians from South Africa will begin as directed by the Federal Government of Nigeria due to the ongoing Xenophobic attack on black foreign nationals in the Republic of South Africa.
“To that effect an evacuation register will be open at the High Commission in Pretoria for Nigerians intending to return to Nigeria but cannot afford flight tickets.”


2 thoughts on “Xenophobic Attack: FG Begins Evacuation Of Nigerians From South Africa Monday

  1. This is the consequence of the disgraceful conduct of South Africans. Leader of South Africa, hang your heads in shame – a fellow African nation is so concerned about the safety of its citizens, that it has to activate its evacuation protocols!


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