We’ll cut costs, Reps allowances – Speakership aspirant

An aspirant for the position of Speaker of the 8th House of Representatives, Mr. Abdulmumin Jibrin, said on Tuesday that if elected, the House under him woul‎d cut the cost of governance, including the allowances of members.

Jibrin explained that the House would cue into the agenda of the President-Elect, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), to cut the cost of governance by speedily supporting any proposal to slash spending on governance across board.

Jibrin spoke in Abuja just as members reconvened from their election recess.

When asked a specific question on whether it would include the remuneration of members, he said, “Cutting cost is all encompassing.”

He added that the running cost of members would be slashed since it was also part of the cost of governance.

Jibrin added, “‎It is not only the issue of take home or the running cost. It is the entire package of running the activities of the National Assembly.

“So, when someone says, I am going to cut cost, it covers every aspect of it. When you say you are going to cut cost, it is quiet straightforward. ”

Jibrin also promised that the House, under his leadership, would publish the remuneration of ‎lawmakers periodically to lay to rest the speculation over the exact size of their pay package.

The pay package of members of the National Assembly has generated controversies since 1999, as Nigerians feel that their take home pay is too high and a burden on taxpayers.

Many have tagged it “jumbo pay”, considered too high for Nigerians to bear.


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