Sultan to Buhari: Don’t disappoint Nigerians

Sultan(PEOPLE’S DAILY) The Sultan of Sokoto Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar has advised President-elect, Gen Muhammadu Buhari not to disappoint Nigerians as they already have high hopes that he will not only deliver but salvage the country from all vices.

A statement issued yesterday reads “It is your responsibility not to disappoint the teeming majority, the masses especially, who sacrificed their time, energy and lives because their hope hangs on you.”

Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar who is also the President-General, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, urged Gen Buhari to shun those who sing his praise and listen more to his critics as they are in better position to give him good advice.

The Sultan, who prayed for the outgoing President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in his future endeavours, also commended him for his statesmanship, adding that the President has done well in conducting free and fair elections thus attracting the United Sate’s interest to the country’s Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

He said, “Under your watch, Nigeria has organized the best election in her history. It is satisfying that the American ambassador to Nigeria was reported to have said he would recommend a component of our electoral process to his country, which means your administration has positively impacted on the electoral process.


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