Mobil Confirms Kidnap of Oil Workers, Says Production Not Distrupted

Image result for exxon mobil(THISDAY) A subsidiary of America oil giant, ExxonMobil, Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN), on Thursday admitted that unknown gunmen kidnapped three national oil workers of a contract firm supporting operations of MPN at the Qua Iboe oil Terminal (QIT) in Ibeno Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

Although MPN, operator of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC/MPN Joint Venture, said the incident happened March 21, sources said it was last Monday, about 20 hours after the presidential and National Assembly election in the country.

The Manager, Media and Communications of ExxonMobil, Mr. Oge Udeagha, confirmed to THISDAY that unknown gunmen actual kidnapped three contract workers of an oil firm working for the oil giant at the Qua Ibo oil terminal (QIT), Ibeno.

The name of the contract oil firm was not disclosed as MPN had after the incident kept quiet, promising to respond after several phone calls which never came.

ExxonMobil in a statement, a copy of which was made available to THISDAY, claimed that the kidnapping occurred on March 21.

“Mobil Producing Nigeria, MPN, operator of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC/MPN Joint Venture, confirms that on March 21, 2015, unknown intruders boarded the Yoho Floating Storage Operations Vessel, and abducted three national personnel of contractor companies.

“The contractor companies have informed MPN that the abducted individuals have been safely returned. Further enquiries should be directed to the contractor companies. There was no impact on production and loading schedules at any time,” Udeagha said in the statement.


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