Boko Haram: Nigerian troops uncover bodies in Bama well

Nigerian Troops  Registering targets with Artillery GunsScores of dead bodies have been found in a well in Bama, a community in Borno State that was recently wrestled away by Nigerian troops, from Boko Haram terrorists.

PRNigeria, a media organization that disseminates statement for security agents in Nigeria, said the large number of bodies found in the well are apparently some of the hostages of the terrorists or those who resisted them.

“Aside those whose bodies were thrown inside wells, others were also said to have been executed on the River Bama Bridge as the terrorists fled the town,” PRNigeria reports.

The media organization said some civilians who have been cooperating with Nigerian troops narrated scary tales of the group’s brutality.

They said the terrorists ruled in the vicinity executing their version of religious jurisprudence ruthlessly.
An intelligence officer is reported to have confirmed that a cordon and search operation in the town is continuing with interrogation by troops.

Also, the military’s medical and emergency teams have been attending to survivors and evacuating some of the internally displaced person following a screening process.

It also said the spokesperson for the Defence Headquarters, Chris Olukolade, a major general declined comment on the specific atrocities committed by the group. He said specific details will only be given after the ongoing thorough search of the town and its environments is concluded.

Bama, the second largest Local Government Area in Borno, fell to Boko Haram on September 11, 2014.
Some residents, mostly women and children who tried to flee the area at the time were reported to have died of thirst and hunger as insurgents tightened their grip on the town.

The community was liberated from the group on Monday by troops of the Nigerian military.

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