PHOTOS || XO Lifestle’s Pool Party with Abuja’s top radio on air personalities and guests

Check out the pictures from the first edition of XO Lifestle’s Pool Party which held on the 21st December 2014 at Sandralia Hotel. The event feature many of Abuja’s top Radio On Air Personalities and a host of guests. The event was hosted by CIROC Ultra Premium Vodka and powered by iBlend Services.

Check out the pictures below and make sure you don’t miss the next Edition.

Photo Credit: Lady Suzane Photography

IMG_0821 modified IMG_0828-2 modified IMG_0832 modified IMG_0838 modified IMG_0852-Edit modified IMG_0853 modified IMG_0878 modified IMG_0891 modified IMG_0959 modified IMG_0962 modified IMG_0964 modified IMG_0966 modified IMG_0972 modified IMG_1024 modified IMG_1032 modified IMG_1037 modified IMG_1047 modified IMG_1052 modified IMG_1063 modified IMG_1074 modified IMG_1076 modified IMG_1083 modified IMG_1085 modified IMG_1091 modified IMG_1125 modified IMG_1135 modified IMG_1188 modified IMG_1189 modified IMG_1216 modified IMG_1222 modified IMG_1226 modified IMG_1227 modified IMG_1229 modified IMG_1233 modified IMG_1250 modified IMG_1260 modified IMG_1263 modified

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