Most Luxurious first class cabins in the world


Make the flight an incredible experience have been the mission of most airlines. Not only the first class service have suffered major alterations to provide the best comfort and care to passengers, but also the 1st class cabins are becoming more comfortable and luxurious.

Take a look to the world’s most luxurious first class airplane cabins.

Ethiad airways

With the airbus A380 Ethiad brought the first class to a complete different level. This aircraft includes a breath taking new upper-deck cabin with a living room, double room and shower room.



Emirates is known for their over the top amenities and service. Their first class cabin is the perfect mix between luxury, comfort and design.

EK Annual Report 2006 EmiratesA380_GoogleMaps_FirstClass Shower Spa_media player_3_tcm570-684782

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific 1st class cabins were carefully thought to provide the best flight travel.

As you enter the cabin, you’ll walk along rich, lush reddish-purple carpet to reach your personal suite. The atmosphere is really relaxing.

CX FCL 01 CX FCL 02 CX FCL 04 v3


Qantas 1st class is absolutely impressive for the outstanding quality of their service. However the cabins conditions weren’t left behind. Exceptional levels of privacy and comfort are provided by the extra large retreat partition along with electronic dividers ensuring complete privacy.

Qantas_First_Class_Suite Qantas-Airways-First-Class-Cabin

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